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When the telephone rings, our staff is always ready to answer and offer you all the experience and advice of the leader carrier in the market.

International shipment has been our business for 20 years. Either in the wood, textile or frozen food products industries —and no matter the field or type of cargo, Fender International offers flexible and tailored solutions to its clients’ needs.

From planning to freight monitoring, we guarantee a simple, unobstructed, and effective experience. Our wide global network is meant to safely deliver your cargo, according to your specific instructions. We simplify your business, and leave you focus on what really counts: your company.


Cargo insurance available.

Because sometimes we cannot control everything, cargo insurance is a responsible decision to foresee any trouble.


No matter the area or the delivery date, your consignment will be conveyed on time.

Air, land, and sea shipping.

We are shipping specialists, regardless of the mean of transportation.

Advice and logistics

We’d like to cover your back. Communicate your needs and we will come up with the best solution for your business.

Freight monitoring

At every step of the process, from dispatch to reception, we watch over your merchandise and monitor its movement.


Document authentication, overseas shipping, and operation of bank transactions and management of letters of credit: rely on us to unburden your bureaucratic responsibilities.


Fender International was created in 1994 by the initiative of Bruce Fender, a well-known actor in the import/export market.

Bruce’s introduction to the shipping business was in 1983. After taking his first steps by transporting railway freight to sea containers, Fender diversified his competencies through wood cargo forwarding management and logs and timber merchandise supervision along the seaport.

At the beginning of 1994, Bruce decided to launch his own business.

After all these years, Fender International is still driven by the same original principles: offering unmatched services, competitive charges, and a shipping schedule tailored to each client’s needs.



« Two words: flexibility and promptitude. Fender International has been our business partner for 15 years. It is a service provider open to listen to our needs and willing to accompany us in our endeavor to stand out. »

«What we like about Fender International, it’s that they offer direct contact and tailored advice. They are professional in their area and know how to figure out the most competitive and profitable solutions. If you look for a good forwarding agent, you are in the right place. »

« Fender International means an extension of our own business and our services. Bruce knows how to meet our needs in an efficient and prompt manner. He knows that the wood market is extremely competitive and that the shipping price may make the difference when negotiating a contract. »


Fender becoming a leader in the market is mainly due to its loyal clients, who year by year reaffirm their confidence. Our clients come from different sectors such as the wood and food industries, and the textile and frozen food products industries. Regardless of the nature of your business, Fender is always willing to transport your freight.




Fender  International 

133 street Messier,
Mont-Saint-Hilaire QC,
J3H 2W8

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